Thursday, August 7, 2014

Breakfast with the Artist

     We are having a "breakfast with the Artist" event this Sat. Aug.9 from 9-12 at The Painted Rocks.
As you all know the Rocks are in Riverlink Park at Amsterdam.  If you have not seen the project finished, do join me and bring friends!

see directions at
ALSO very exciting concert Sat Night at the Park.

I will have pictures of the fabrication of the 36 foot sculpture and other memorabilia.  this event is great for kids!

See you there!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tees are in!!

Forgot to say that the price of the tee shirt for this introductory offer is just $16.50 with tax and mailing included. This is through Dec. 20 only.
  Looking forward to hearing from you.  Please specify small, medium or large adult sizes.
All the best for the holidays,

Painted Rocks Tee Shirts are in!!

Hello to all Painted Rocks fans!
     We finally have the tee shirts and they are in the studio, bagged and ready to ship.  They are a good quality natural color with the Rufus Grider image on the front for this first printing.  this is the inaugural edition, there will be more styles in the future.
     To order just send me a note with your mailing address, sizes, etc. at  I will mail your order as soon as your check arrives.  Tax and mailing are included in this introductory price.  Please let all interested parties know about the tee shirts.  All proceeds will go towards publicity for the Painted Rocks.
My address;
Alice Manzi
1112 North Creek Road
Porter Corners, NY 12859

Also, please visit my Facebook page!! At Alice M. Manzi for all the latest from the studio!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unveiling event postponed for Oct 14

Dear Friends,
    I am sorry to say that the event  planned for Friday Oct 14 will be postponed to a later date.  The City wanted to have a number of groups involved and has been unable to schedule a time when the band members, food vendors and dignitaries could attend.
     I am told that we may still have a Fall event at the Park, and so we will hope for that!  I WILL SOON BE POSTING FINISHED PHOTOS OF THE PAINTED ROCKS so that everyone can see the finished product.  Even my pictures are out of date now, since the landscaping has come in, and so much has been done.  The Park looks just great.  My new friends from CFI Construction have done an enormous job with the sidewalks, etc.

Also coming up in the next post:
     The tee shirts are here and they are very nice! We chose the image of the Rufus Grider watercolor for this first printing.  Now that the rocks are complete we can consider a new design with the re created image.  I am also interested in the possibility of making some shirts with just certain figures, etc. Pricing and ordering info with photos of shirts will be posted soon.

Thank you all


Friday, September 30, 2011

Unveiling Cancelled

Dear Friends,
     I was at the Park today when my cell rang and it was the Mayor's office saying that the unveiling ceremony, scheduled for tomorrow, is cancelled.

Please let everyone you know be aware  of this.  i am calling and e-mailing everyone I invited.  I am so sad at this, apparently there is going to be a big storm.The park looks just great.  It will only be a short time before we will be able to see the Rocks.  It may be friday, October 14.

Please watch this blog for updates.

Thank you all so much for your interest and patience!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mayor's invitation

Painted Rocks unveiling Sat.

Hello All,
     Please join us for the unveiling of the Painted Rocks at Riverlink Park in Amsterdam on Sat., Oct. 1 from 4-8.  There will be music by a Native American group, food, drinks and fun for the kids.

     Hope you can make it to join in the big occasion.  Please get the word out.
We will have commemorative tee shirts for sale with the image of the Painted Rocks watercolor on them.  All proceeds from the tee shirt project will go toward promotion of the Painted Rocks project.

Hope to see you there!